A Senior Caregiver Can Assist With Medication Safety and Management

Taking medications properly can be simple with help from a senior caregiver

When a senior must take several medications during the day, they can easily get confused and forget to take them or mix them up. It’s important that your loved one takes their medication as the doctor prescribed. Unfortunately, a senior can easily miss a dose or take an incorrect dosage. When a senior caregiver is there, they can make sure your loved one took their medications. But how to make sure they are sticking to the treatment when no one is around? Comfort Keepers of Sacramento, CA, offers a solution in the form of easy-to-use pill dispenser systems from SafetyChoice that fit the needs of most seniors.

Pill Dispenser

The SafetyChoice pill dispenser is simple and easy to use. It is a perfect solution for seniors who tend to forget to take their meds as prescribed. This little device will give you a peace of mind knowing that your parent’s dosage is always being controlled. This pill dispenser system can prevent medication-related errors. It contains 60 medication cups, with a single cup containing 20 to 25 pills. It will memorize a timetable of dispensing schedules and dosages so when a senior caregiver is not around your parent will still have help with medication management. Pill dispenser is easy to program, refill, and manage.

Tab Safe 

The TabSafe medication system from SafetyChoice is another effective option for seniors who must take several medications daily. If a senior forgets to take their dose, this device will make an automated call to your parent’s contact list. In case no one answers, an alert will be sent to the SafetyChoice Centralized Monitoring Station staff, which then makes a call to the user or senior caregiver. The TabSafe medication system contains four cartridges and each of them can be filled with 16 or 32 dosages. It is easy to use.


If your loved one tends to forget to take their meds, think about getting MedMinder from SafetyChoice. It is a portable pill box which can be locked. If your parent misses a medication dose, it automatically sends a text or email notification to the family member or caregiver. You will be able to log into the secure internet portal and check when or how often your loved one has missed their doses.

Feel free to contact us and ask about our products. A Comfort Keepers senior caregiver will gladly explain how our devices work and recommend the right product according to your loved one’s situation.  Call Comfort Keepers and schedule a home consultation, today.


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