Comfort Keepers Provides Compassionate End of Life Care In Sacramento, CA

Make the most of your time together with comforting end of life care

If your senior loved one has a terminal illness or condition that has become advanced, progressive and/or incurable, Comfort Keepers can offer all the support your family might need to deal with the unfavorable prognosis. Our end of life care service is designed to make your loved one as comfortable as possible from the day they are diagnosed until the very end. In addition to providing personal and companionship care, we can also offer advice and comfort, not just to seniors but also to family members and closest friends.

Understanding what to expect both physically and emotionally during this challenging period might help your loved one cope with the situation and find some solace. The most important thing you can do now is to spend quality time with your loved one and encourage them to share memories and stories from the past. Reminiscing can allow your loved one to realize what they have accomplished in their lives and give them a chance to relive happy times.

Having your loved one diagnosed with an illness for which there is no cure can affect family members more than they realize. That is why it is important for family caregivers to take care of themselves too. Some time for yourself can reenergize you and help you cope with stress. We can keep your loved one company when you have to leave the house and tend to other obligations.

With end of life care, you can share some of your responsibilities with our experienced, devoted caregivers. In addition to helping out with household chores, we can also offer transportation or any other service your family may need. We are aware that finding yourself in this situation can make you anxious about what to expect.

We can address your worries and provide guidance that can help you focus on what truly matters – spending time with your loved one. Comfort care can enable seniors, family members, and close friends to make the most of the time they have left together. Spending time in familiar surroundings with the ones they love can have a positive impact on your loved one’s mood.

It is important to know you do not have to go through this difficult period alone. Comfort Keepers provides quality end of life care that can meet the unique needs of your family. If you have any questions for us or would like to schedule a free in-house consultation, please give us a call. We are here for you! 


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