Paying For Senior Care Services in Sacramento, CA

The cost of in home services depends on the amount of care your loved one requires

Comfort Keepers provides top quality senior care services in Sacramento and surrounding areas. We are always improving our services and keeping up with the latest care standards to ensure high-class care. If your parent needs assistance with everyday tasks, being cared for in their own home instead of in a nursing home will allow them to maintain a greater level of independence. If you have decided on senior care services, you are probably wondering about payment options.

Many believe that Medicare is a solution for financing long-term care, but the truth is a little bit different since it covers a narrow range of costs. Medicaid, if your loved one qualifies for it, can cover some expenses that Medicare doesn't. It can pay for nursing home care and some senior care services.

Another way of financing care for seniors is long-term care insurance. It can be pricey. Premiums increase over time and with age, and lifetime coverage can be extremely costly. You should choose this way of financing only if your parent has a significant and steady income. If they don’t, they should look for another way of financing their care.

Comfort Keepers recommend researching and comparing as not every policy is the same. Some cover almost every kind of home services and others only a few. You should know that some policies have an elimination period. During this time, your loved one will need to pay for their care.

If your loved one qualifies for Veterans Administration Aid it can cover some of the costs of senior care in Sacramento, CA.

If your loved one cannot afford long-term care insurance and doesn’t qualify for Medicaid, paying out of pocket might be your only solution. Be aware that the cost of care varies, and it depends mostly on the amount of care your loved one requires. If you are overwhelmed by the cost of care, just remember that it’s a much more affordable solution than a nursing home.

If you want to find out more about the financing options and the senior care services that we provide, feel free to contact Comfort Keepers in Sacramento, CA. A member of our home care team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.


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